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Professional Penny Auction Software: Get your own Penny Auction Website and start a great and exciting new business today


All-In-One Penny Auction Platform

A Professional Penny Auction Admin tool does it all.

To design, build, and manage a professional website, you no longer need several complex and expensive software programs.
Now you can do it all with one online admin tool.

The Largest Online Mall

You are in charge. Setup categories simulating a mall and sell like retailers do at up to 95% lower than they can.

Manage your products that is most sought after for each category and run 1000's of auctions starting and ending all at the same time. Loosing bidders always have the option to use their credits and do a Buy Now at Retail price. Now you can be in control of the fastest and most lucritive business model in the world.

Mobile Ready

One Site.  Many Devices.

While most website software platforms require you to create and manage different web pages for your mobile visitors — we don't.
While responsive design is good, total freedom on the layout and presentation of your pages on mobile devices is better.

Add-On Modules

Select your own Modules.

Customize your Penny Auction site by selecting your own modules to add onto the website to professionally control and manage controls and functions of your new site.
All modules are included and with continuous software updates, your site will always have the latest features.

Name Recognition Theme

We build name recognition. Have your own theme, the way you want your business to look.

Intellirex will not force a theme from some other company onto your business. You tell us what you want and we will bring you up to 10 designs made just for you. Then you select what you want from each one and we bring it all together to form your brand name business.

Experience & Expertise

Professional Web Engineers & Designers.

From Setup and installation to customization and support, our team of professionals with over 20 years of experience can help you build the website you need. No project is too large or too small!

WebSite Setup

photo125x125.pngWe will professionally design and setup your website and add the modules to your penny auction platform that makes your business unique. We can integrate your website with other platforms such as MLM sites and share data in real-time.

Add-On Modules

photo125x125-2.pngSome of the modules we design is: Seat Auction, Bulk Uploader, Avatar, Expend the Auciton, Buy New stock option, Multiple Themes, Free and Premium member Auction, Free shipping module, Reback Bid module, Honey jar module, Double winner Auction, Upload data via file, Drag and drop auction, Auto refresh the Products and more.

Site Marketing

Let Intellirex market your new penny auction website. From sending out mass emails via spam free servers, to implementing Search Engine Optimization for your site. We do it all. Add Social Media Marketing to your marketing package and the saying " it and they will come..." comes true.


A good programmer is someone who always looks both ways before crossing a one-way street.
—Doug Linder


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